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24 August 2006
Because of Jen's broken leg we very sadly decided that we would not be able to drive Bonnie home. This is our last picture of her taken outside the Childrens Centre where she will be staying
21 August 2006
(Emily) Got a text at 3:30 in the morning (cheers mum, dont forget your 7 hours ahead!) They plan on flying back later this week, so prepare for lots of photos! Congrats on completing the rally with (mostly) no major incidents! Much love from home! Miss you both lots!! (p.s mum, lucy says eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!)

Picture is of Bonnie and other rally cars parked outside Dave's Bar the Mongol Rally official "Finish line"

19 August 2006
We made it! Arrived in Ullaan Bataar, capital of Mongolia and 8650 miles from home! Currently sitting in our room at very posh hotel, sipping beer and waiting for sandwiches to arrive! Will decide on plans to get home in the morning.
18 August 2006
Camped out in the desert again. Gobli this time. Unbelievable dusty and windy!
17 August 2006
Camped out in the hills, given cheese by a nomad! Gave them pens and pencils in return. hole in the petrol tank, not too bad. Going to mend it later
16 August 2006
Arived in Khovd 5pm, going to fill up with petrol, get tyre mended and then push on for a few more hours. Running a bit behind as we got ever so slightly lost!
15 August 2006
In Mongolia at last! Got through the border at about 12:30, drove through Tsagaanurr, and are now about 90 miles south at Olgii. Treating ourselves to a hotel tonight!
14 August 2006
Spent two nights camped by a very pretty stream. Gave Bonnie a service as shes not been running to well. Done over 7000 miles! Hope to be in Mongolia by tonight!
10 August 2006
Mums legs been fines, throbbing a bit but otherwise ok.Apparently it the tibia thats broken (shin bone) just by the ankle. Crossed back into russia and heading for the mountains, so not much signal
08 August 2006
Just got a text from mum. Apparently she's broken her leg. Not badly we hope! They've decided to carry on. Its not all bad though, she got given champange and flowers from a group of students! Also they traveled into town today to buy some crutches and got a free pair from a random pass by! Sounds like you get better treatment in Uzbec then you do on the NHS! (hehe joking) She said the first night of camping wasnt too painful and are heading to Oskemen and the russian boarder. Also met up with team Rat Pack and the tenby mongols. Still no photos though!
08 August 2006
Crossed through to Tashkent back into Kazac, no prolems, stopped off in a cafe for a hotel, got talking to a policeman who offered us a room for the night. Spent the night in a fab farm with a lovely family. Just passed the 5000 mile mark!
07 August 2006
Stayed in lovely hotel - blissful showers! Spent the day in Samaquand looking around the bazaar etc. Went out for a meal and met up with Old Wrinklies and others! Heading for Tashkent border today.

06 August 2006
They found internet! Long update below. Also no pics yet, but hopefully soon!

At last found an internet connection but it is very slow!! We arrived in Samarkand yesterday afternoon and have spent today wondering around looking at things a little more slowly. We have been camping out in the dessert for the last 4 nights so a hot shower was very welcome. The temperature here is 35- 40C The roads in Uzbek are not too bad but those in Kazak were aweful – we have pictures of some “main” roads which you will not believe. So far we have done 4,500 miles and have only had one flat tyre which Paul mended. We have been traveling for the last week with Team Mongol Shoebox and we are going with them to Tashkent which is the next big town. From there we are taking separate routes but may meet up later in Almatay. We have seen so many things, herds of horses roaming free, camels grazing by the side of a road, a bat in our tent and finally last night meercats in the dessert (I think we camped on their colony!!) We have driven for the last 7 or 8 days over the flattest land in the world!! So are very happy to see some mountains at last. We are spending the next few days driving through foothills and then I think back to dessert bits on the way up to Russia Time here is going very strangely!! Sometimes it feels like we have been away for ages – other times it just feels like 10 minutes!! So far no arguments!! I am missing you lots and I hope you are all alright and that everything at home is fine.

04 August 2006
Nearing Samaquand where we are planning to stay till Sunday so we can see market etc. Have travelled 4800 miles so far!Been with Team Mongol Shoebox since Russian/Kazac border, both cars are OK. Just heard the Rally is in the Uzbec papers and on their tv!
31 July 2006
Got out of Russia at 1am but the Kazak border was closed! Slept the night in no mans land where we met Team Mongol Shoebox. Picture is of fantastic sunrise, Kazac border is on other side of the river but we had to wait for the ferry. Drove through the day with Shoebox and are camping with them tonight.
30 July 2006
We just got 50 roubles from a police man! He also told us of a big fireworks display in Astrakhan tonight, we may stay and watch and then head to the border after that.
29 July 2006
Crossed into Russia at Rostof Border, now heading cross country to the top of Caspian Sea
28 July 2006
Got stopped by a cop and had to "talk" our way out of it. On our way to the Ukraine Russian Border. Wonder how long it will take to get across! Paddled in the Black Sea and got stopped by police again! Nice ones this time, gave us money for send a cow!
27 July 2006
Reached Odessa at noon and now driving 100 miles east. Stopped at a motel for the night £8 for a room!
27 July 2006
300 Miles short of Odessa. First night in the tent was very comfy but lots of bugs! Set off early to escape them
25 July 2006
Survived the night, but have been stuck on the Ukraine border for 7 hours here is a picture of the queue! Just got what we hope it the right bit of paper work, Odessa here we come?
24 July 2006
Hi it's Emily here, updating the website while bonnie is away. Got word today that they found a room in Krakow in a house where pigs sleep in the basement! Not sure what they'll smell like on the way out! More photos to come as soon as I get sent some! The rest of the diary entries will be texts I get sent from them. I'll also let you know if any pics get sent.
22 July 2006
We're off! Saturday 22nd of July we all left from Hyde Park. There were lots of friends and family to see us off and some traditional Mongolian Music! Lots of updates and photos to come!
10 July 2006
Look what came in the post - a tail !!! I knew I was missing something but was not sure what it was. Jen's mum spotted it straight away and made me one.    Looks great and it's very useful too,  not only for swishing flies but also because it is a tow rope in disguise!!
24 June 2006
Not fair! Jenny and I stayed at home while Paul went to Dijon. Shame I couldn't go but he got lots of money from lots of people in Formula Junior and our old friend Tim Cousins.
17 June 2006
Change of venue this week - down to Dorset to take part in Paul's Mums village carnival - that's her in front on the bike!! We had a bric a brac stall and sold pictures of people with Bonnie. Fun day and some more money to help us on our way
10 June 2006
I became a burger van!!! I went up to Doncaster and met some of my friends in green!! They were very busy doing an off roading exercise. Very busy means very hungry!! Paul was chief cook and managed to sell 80 burgers and zillions of can of coke. All profits to the charities of course - another £160 raised
7 May 2006
Went to Brands Hatch again and helped out as the tyre carrier for our friend Bob's race car.Yes I know there are a lot of them but I managed to get them all in (or on!!)   I also managed to raise more money for the charities.   Thank you Matilda (the young lady stting in the car) and everyone else for your support
26 April 2006
Paul's son has good friend that offers to help with flashy website bits!! Yey!!! Now it will look really good!! Any thing that moves is down to Wizbit,    Apart, that is, from the video, which was edited by Jenny's daughter Emily, go on play it again, you know you want to!! (If you can't see anything on the left you need to let your firewall allow the active content)
15 April 2006
Helped to paint my friend Clyde - had to go to the Iveco spares shop to get some bits for him otherwise he would have failed his MOT!!!!   Really nice people there had all the parts we needed and sponsored me as well.   Thank you
3 April 2006
Jenny started to try and build our website despite knowing absolutely nothing about them!!    Lucky for her Buckle Hosting is offering free website hosting to all the Mongol Rally teams and they are very helpful
1 April 2006
Went racing!!!    Well, not me personally, but I did tow the race car all the way to Brands Hatch, and very heavy it was too!!   I started to really try to get some sponsorship money and thanks to all the very generous people in the 750 formula and others who support racing I managed to raise £430.

30 March 2006
Time for some beautification!!    Eyes and eyelashes added
28 March 2006
My first day out and I went to the rescue of a coach in distress.    Lucky for them I was there to pull them out.    The grateful driver gave me £5!!    Hurray our first sponsorship money!!
27 March 2006
By the next day my black paint was dry white so white patches were added.
26 March 2006
Had a lonely time stuck in a barn while they all went on holiday but today I got painted black. Emily and Lucy came and helped (Mothers Day present for Jenny!!)
12 February 2006
Yesterday Paul and Jenny won me on e-bay,  today they came and collected me. Jenny drove me from Southend to my new home in London