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Hi I'm Bonnie a Suzuki 410 jeep. I was born in 1985 so I am a C reg - that's C for Cow!!!    Like all of my kind I have a 970cc engine a four speed gearbox with selectable 4 wheel drive in both high and low ratios.    

Originally I was a rather gorgeous red, but for reasons I could never really understand,  my previous owners had camouflaged me in a rather drab olive green (not that that made me very invisible in the local shopping centre!!)

Paul and Jenny soon changed that though and before I knew it I had been cow-moo-flaged a very fetching Friesian complete with a pink dif for my udder and wonderfully long eyelashes!!   I am shod in Dunlop and have a tow bar and a roof rack. See lots more wonderful pictures of me on the Photos and Videos page!!!

Since Paul and Jenny bought me my life has become much more exciting and you can read all of the latest instalments in my dairy (lol)   But whatever happens between now and the 22 July nothing will beat the adventure of driving all the way to Mongolia and back!!    

Oh yes, I intend to come back if I possibly can,  I know some of the cars might be staying there, but if I get back home who knows what I could get up to next !!!