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Have lots of projects going on and they continue to change the lives of disadvantaged children in Mongolia. Here are a few of the projects they are currently running but if you want more information about the charity click on the logo above.

The Sponsorship Program
The objective of this program is to help families whose children are in danger of dropping out of school due to poverty. The family recieves sponsorship for the child as long as he/she is living with them and is in full time education or training.

The Sunshine Ger Village Project
The foundation has established a shelter for street children and orphans in Ulaanbaatar. The shelter consists of 11 gers and a kindergarten.

The Health Care Project
In 1998 CNCF renovated the peadriatric wing of the Charity Hospitalthe only hospital in Ulaanbaatar, which provides free health care to people without money or health insurance. CNCF operates a clinic which provides free health care and medication to children in the sponsorship program and to street children.

The Give a Ger Campaign
This is an emergency fund established to provide families in danger of becoming homeless, or otherwise inadequately or dangerously accomodated, with a family home, a Molgolan Ger.   This, with some basic furniture can cost as little as $700
Send a Cow

Works with the most vulnerable people in seven of the poorest countries in Africa.Here are a few examples of the work they are currently doing,but if you want more information about the charity click on the logo above.

The Benefits
An animal brings many benefits to a poor family. Its milk, eggs or meat enrich the familyís diet. Any surplus can be sold to bring in an extra income. And the animalís manure is vital for improving soil, so a family can grow more vegetables to eat and to sell.

Not just cows!!
People in some areas are not able to keep livestock so they are given bees and fruit trees, which provide honey and fruit for eating and for sale.

Training is given in looking after livestock or growing crops in harsh terrains.All of this helps a family earn money to buy basics they cannot grow themselves,such as rice, paraffin and clothes, or items that will help their chjildren through school e.g.paper, pens, or books.

The Future
A gift of livestock allows a family to stop living from hand-to-mouth, and start planning for a better future. As if that wasnít enough, the first female offspring of the animal is passed on to another vulnerable family in the community so the success story repeats itself all over again.