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"We don't suffer from insanity
We enjoy every minute of it"

What is a perfectly normal person?

I swam in a crocodile infested river at the age of 11 but only because I fell off the raft into the Ruhaha River which was close to my school in Tanganika!!

I raced in a Demolition Derby before I had even passed my driving test in a car bought by my sixth form friends at Wimbourne Grammar School in Dorset. Then I hunted alpha particles at Rutherford High Energy Labs near Didcot, took pictures of carbon fibres at Harwell Labs and finally graduated in Applied Physics in 1973.

I tried helicopter flying for a year then, horror of horrors, became a teacher!!    That only lasted four years until I left to join the Royal Navy,  where my career, in summary, included submariner,  MSc,  Commander, Officer Commanding Thunderer Squadron(RN engineers at Southampton University),  OBE,  retired!!

During this time I managed to fit in the Shell Motor Mileage Marathon achieving 1546mpg and off roading in the Ukraine, Germany and the UK.    Motor racing and the 750 Formula found me in 1998 and have I have been racing in it ever since still chasing that first elusive win (just like Jensen eh!)

The year 2000 and the internet changed everything when my SOULMATE appeared..........over to HER.......


                                           Jenny AKA Jackie!!

A perfectly normal person until I met him !!

Then life changed a bit, I started to be called Jenny (my middle name), went off roading, sailing, walking, motor racing and lots of other stuff

So one night I am sitting on the sofa, minding my own business, watching TV and drinking a nice glass of wine when he says
"Do you fancy driving to Mongolia??"    And, because I am not really listening to him at all, I say "Yes Dear" and that as they say was that!

I thought my children or grandchildren would think it was stupid or dangerous and try and stop me - they didn't - happy for me to go as long as I wrote a will first!!    Yes I know - it is both stupid and dangerous and I wouldn't want them to worry too much -  but just a little bit maybe??

I thought I was indispensable at work, they couldn't let me have 5 weeks off could they?? I am obviously not and they did!!   Yes alright maybe I am being optimistic -  but surely we will get there and back in 5 weeks - after all it's only a quarter of the way round the world isn't it??

So here I am, too late to change my mind even if I wanted to, but wait, do I want to??   Do I heck!!    I can't wait for 4 or 5 weeks of terrible discomfort, lack of sleep and

Great Adventure